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Let us introduce you to one of the most deep-cleansing treatments you can have. Diving far further into the skin than its manual colleagues, a galvanic facial uses mild electric currents to decongest and revitalise your complexion. Get ready to roll away wrinkles and bulldoze those blemishes.

What you can expect?

Before power comes into play, a pre-treatment gel with a negative charge is applied to the face to help the galvanic gizmo work its magic. The device is then switched on and small rollers that emit electric currents will be gently rubbed over your face (you’ll hardly feel a thing, promise). Your therapist will then cleanse off the gel before applying another with a positive charge and repeating the process. Once the rollers have done their duty, your therapist may go old-school with a manual massage or they’ll complete the transformation with some toning and moisturising. The result? A brand-spanking-new layer of skin and a positively glowing complexion.

###Know before you go

  • If you’re prone to dryness and dehydration, galvanic is great as it boosts the skin’s ability to drink up products and lock in moisture.
  • Oily complexions, don’t feel left out – the decongesting perks of this facial means you can prepare to wave goodbye to outbreaks and acne.

The sciencey stuff

A galvanic facial’s greatness is down to its use of negative and positive ions. When negative ions penetrate the skin, dirt and debris from the pores are forced out, bringing any unwanted gunk to the surface. On the other hand, when positive ions are sent sweeping through your skin, cell renewal is sped up for plumped and refreshed skin – and less wrinkles. If only they’d taught physics this way…

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