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Roll away wrinkles and bulldoze those blemishes. Penetrating deep into the darkest depths of your skin, this type of facial uses a Galvanic gadget to cleanse and revitalise your precious pores. It does everything a normal facial would – cleanse, tone and exfoliate, but has a few extras to its name; like the fact it directs different currents into your skin to decongest and rehydrate porous patches. And because all of its credentials point towards rejuvenation of the skin, the treatment is said to help with filling out fine lines too.

How it works

Before the Galvanic gizmo gets to work, a pre-treatment gel is applied which helps to encourage any impurities to be removed as the instrument works its magic. The Galvanic unit is then switched on and using small rollers, various currents start to be emitted into the skin. As the rollers are gently rubbed over your face (you’ll hardly feel a thing), negative ions penetrate your skin forcing out dirt and debris from your pores and bringing any unwanted gunk to the surface. Your therapist will then wipe your face clean, apply another gel and repeat the entire process but this time round, positive ions will be sent sweeping through your skin. Rather than removing anything, these help to improve cellular energy and it’s this that can plump and refresh skin, which is why you should be able to see a reduction in wrinkles.

Once the rollers have done their duty, your therapist may continue the massage manually or they might just continue to the toning and moisturising steps.

Immediately after the treatment, your skin should look and feel noticeably smoother. All those nasties will have been drawn out and any dead skin will have been removed, leaving you with a brand spanking new layer of skin and a positively glowing complexion.

Is it for me?

This is one of the most deep cleansing facials you can have as by using a machine with varying currents, it gives a much deeper penetration than manual treatments. Because it heightens the skins ability to absorb products and retain moisture it’s great if you suffer from consistently dry and dehydrated skin, yet it’s also recommend for people with oily skin as it removes congestion which can lead to outbreaks and acne.

Although it shouldn’t be the first treatment you choose if you’re looking for an anti-ageing remedy, the process does rejuvenate the skin and so will leave you looking fresher faced than before.

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