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Always wanted to ride through the forests and fields but don’t live anywhere near the country? Now you can at your local gym, thanks to 'exergaming' and Xdream bikes.

How does it work?

Combining exercise and computer simulation, this exercise is perfect for those who are secret gaming geeks.

Trixter Xdream is the UK’s first indoor interactive bike that realistically stimulates the experience of riding outdoors. An LCD screen is mounted in front of the Xdream’s handlebars, allowing you to fix your eyes on computer generated scenery as you steer through 400 Cycling trails. From deserts to the highlands-you name it, you can ride through it!

As an added bonus, the on-screen bike replicates your every move (so when you turn right, the virtual you does too), making the experience seem all the more realistic and exhilarating!

You can choose to battle easy or difficult courses depending on your ability, whilst negotiating corners and potential hazards along the way. You’ll probably forget about all the hard work you are doing!

The exergaming with the Xdream bikes offer a full body workout, burning more calories than a standard exercise bike and helping to both tone your arms and strengthen your core muscles. Plus, you’re likely to have more fun speeding through multiple landscapes in one session too!

Is it for me?

Exergaming is perfect for those who sometimes find exercising a little tiresome and want to add a little excitement to their workout. You do not need to be computer savvy, but those who want a sedate, slow paced workout should look elsewhere.

Good to know...

Although Xdream bikes cannot simulate weather conditions, they do translate track conditions and riding surfaces into chances in bike movement and stability. Cool, eh?

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