Endermologie Lipo-Massage®

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Take a steamroller to stubborn lumps and bumps with an endermologie lipo-massage. When diet and exercise won’t seem to do the trick, this speedy, non-invasive treatment uses mechanical rollers to break down fat and cellulite under the skin for a plumped-up appearance. Pow!

What you can expect?

Ready to roll back time? For starters, you’ll given a suit to wear that looks a bit like a body stocking to protect your skin. If you’ve seen those halloween body stocking costumes, you’ll know what we’re talking about. Your therapist will then start to massage your body using motorised rollers that work deep into the skin. The combination of rolling and sucking might feel a bit strange at first, but it’s not at all painful, and rest assured, is working wonders. The results are firmer, tighter skin, a dose of relaxation and no recovery time required.

Beyond cellulite, an endermologie lipo-massage can also be targeted to any particular problem areas you have such as your buttocks, love handles and any beloved bingo wings.

Know before you go

  • Each session only takes around 30-40 minutes, making it easy to slot into your schedule. Lipo lunch break, anyone?
  • It’s worth discussing your aims for the treatment with your therapist before getting started. They’ll be able to advise you on expected results and create a tailored treatment plan for your individual needs.
  • Beyond cellulite, an endermologie lipo-massage can also be targeted to any particular problem areas you have such as your buttocks, love handles and any beloved bingo wings.
  • Best results come after a course of ten sessions, and having treatments twice a week is recommended to begin with.

The sciencey stuff

The rollers used during an endermologie lipo-massage work their magic in three different ways: one motion rolls the skin inward to shrink areas of excess fat. The second rolls outward to firm up any areas of loose skin. And last but not at all least, the rollers spin at different speeds to contour and sculpt the body. Impressive, huh?

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