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Learn handy tools to tinker with modern life. Emotional freedom technique, or EFT, is a method of reigning in phobias and neutralising negative emotions that can help you to stay calm and positive in times of stress or anxiety.

How does it work?

Practitioners of EFT often describe it as like acupuncture, but without the needles. On a very basic level, it involves tapping certain points on your body while repeating a negative phrase. For example, if you are struggling with a heavy workload, you might say “I’m never going to get it all done”.

There are 12 specific points on your body that are thought to correspond to meridians of energy within your body. By tapping on these, while thinking of the negative emotions, the idea is that you can clear the disruptions in your energy flow that are thought to be caused by these negative emotions.

Once you have learnt how EFT works, it can be self-applied. So, whenever you’re in a situation where you feel phobic, anxious or stressed, you can start tapping and using the reinforcing phrases to calm down and keep your cool. While you might be a bit embarrassed to start tapping and muttering in public, practitioners of EFT suggest that these are often the situations when having the tools of EFT at your fingertips can be most effective.

Is it for me?

EFT is thought to be able to deal with a whole spectrum of addictions, phobias, emotional pain and even physical pain. Many people turn to EFT to deal with post-traumatic stress, to stop smoking, lose weight, to gain confidence and even to improve their golf score.

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