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Go with the flow. Dynamic yoga is an ancient oriental practice, which promises to bring enormous health benefits to those who practice it. It is not only meditative but also physically challenging - correct breath control is essential to this form of yoga to create a seamless flow of postures.

'''How does it work?'''

Dynamic yoga is the latest yoga craze to come fresh out of L.A. Shattering the typical stereotypes, dynamic yoga starts with warm ups more akin to sports teams than this ancient art. Jogging backwards, forwards and side-ways isn’t what regular attendees expect from a normal yoga class. This circuit-like warm up is followed by dynamic sequences that ensure you are prepared for the postures ahead.

The postures and poses involved are familiar yoga poses, but you won’t be holding the downward-facing dog or the triangle pose until your arms shake in this class. The difference with dynamic yoga is that the warm-up for each pose is both dynamic and rhythmical; this ensures that our core temperature is increased and the chance of overstretching and injury is reduced.

Dynamic yoga focuses on the concept of moving fluidly between poses. This type of yoga differentiates from other forms in both philosophical and physical terms. There’s an emphasis on oriental systems of mind / body / energetic understanding and the spectrum of moves involved is broader than common styles. Dynamic yoga is a sweaty, bring-a-bottle-of-water mix of aerobics and yoga, with a lot more movement than most yoga fans will be used to.

As with all yoga practices this type is beneficial to the body. It can help correct misalignment of the spine, develops good breathing techniques, encourages relaxation and purifies the spirit. Dynamic yoga combines traditional yoga postures with fluid movement and key breathing techniques to deliver a powerful, flowing, meditative and energetic practice. Dynamic yoga helps to build strength, improve flexibility, calm and focus the mind, and improve circulation.

'''Is it for me?'''

Those expecting deep breathing and slow paced pose-holding should definitely pay more attention to the word ‘dynamic’, because this yoga aims to keep your energy levels and heart rate up. Perfect for those who enjoy their downward dog poses but who want a bit more pain for their gain, this yoga works for both men and women, with both sexes leaving feeling as if they have done a workout.

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