Dracula Therapy

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Learn the beauty secrets of the immortal. Dracula therapy, also known as S3 therapy is a new anti-ageing treatment which uses your blood to keep you looking young. By adding extra amino acids and vitamin C to our blood we can help our cells re-generate, which in turn results in younger, brighter looking skin.

How Does It Work?

Doctors have discovered that skin damage such as wrinkles and scars are caused by a lack of DNA in our skin cells. As we get older our cells struggle to replace damaged DNA and as a result our skin appears lifeless and more creased – as any woman will know. Dracula therapy is a way to give our cells a helping hand - by mixing amino acids and vitamin C into our blood, our cells are given a boost in re-generation of DNA. Of course, the treatment is called Dracula therapy for a reason. Blood is physically removed from your body before being injected back in with the extra magic ingredients, and the process can be painful.

Your doctor will take an extract of blood from your arm and mix it with a special formula of amino acids and vitamin C to create a serum which is then injected into your problem area. This is done using a special machine which separates the blood sample into two parts: the red blood cells which sink to the bottom of the vial and the platelets and plasma which lie on top. It is to the platelets and plasma that the formula is added before being injected back into your skin. Simple.

The incision itself can also spur on the process as more healing stem cells are produced and sent to that area as soon as your body senses there’s been some damage. Your skin can look more glowing and tanned almost immediately, with the effects improving as time goes on and your cells begin to heal.

After receiving your treatment, small blood specks may appear on your face so for a day or two afterwards keep a mirror handy- you don’t want people to think you really are a vampire.

Is It For Me?

If you’re squeamish or hate needles then this treatment definitely isn’t for you. However, if you’re fearless when it comes to beauty treatments and love trying out the latest trends then by all means give it a go.

Good to Know

The treatment was originally pioneered by dentists to aid receding gums but can now be used on any part of the body where you feel ageing has become a problem. The most popular areas are the face, neck and décolleté.

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