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Forget cleansing, scrubbing and peeling – it’s time to scrape back the years. Meet dermaplaning, which uses a razor blade to reveal glowing, luminous layers of skin. Perfect for banishing everything from acne scarring to fine wrinkles and age spots, this non-invasive procedure will shed your old skin in the space of a lunch break.

What you can expect?

Ready to make your smooth move? Firstly, your aesthetician will give your skin a deep cleanse. Then, using a delicate touch and tool which looks like an electric razor, the surface layers of your skin are skimmed off with the blade, using short, swift strokes. In just 30 minutes, you’ll have pristine skin, free of any peach fuzz.

Know before you go

  • You may leave the treatment with some redness, but this should resemble nothing more than very mild sunburn (minus the sunglasses marks!), and will die down within a few days.
  • As the treatment is similar to a deep shave, the occasional nick can occur or produce the odd ingrown hair.
  • Those fond of their freckles may want to think twice, as the pigmentation-targeting nature of dermaplaning could cause them to disappear.
  • Acne sufferers should know this should never be performed on active breakouts as it will make the skin even angrier – no one wants that!

The sciencey stuff

Removing layers of skin can’t be good for it, right? Wrong. Scraping away damaged layers of skin gives new collagen the green light and allows fresh, healthy skin to grow. Think of it this way: dermaplaning is a very simple but very effective method of exfoliation. Prepare to chuck your scrub!

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