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Hair today, gone tomorrow. Depilation is the method of removing hair from the surface of the skin without influence on a hair follicle, which means the fuzz disappears but not for long. The most common form of depilation is shaving as well as the use of chemical depilatories. Epilating, on the other hand, such as waxing and threading, is the removal of the entire hair including the part below the skin leaving a longer lasting fuzz free feel.

How does it work?

Depilation creams consist of chemicals which break down the keratin fibers and dissolve the hair. This form of hair removal is normally carried out at home. A generous layer of the cream is applied over the hair and depending on the brand you are using, the time will vary but the cream is usually kept on for about 5-15 minutes. It is then scraped off using a spatula and as you remove the cream, you will notice the hairs being scraped off too.

Depilatory creams are pain free to use, however there is often a higher risk that you could have an allergic reaction as they contain chemicals. Therefore, it is wise to carry out a patch test before use. It is also advised that you should never use depilatory cream on cuts, scratches or any wounds as this may cause a burning sensation.

Although depilatory creams are easy and quick to use, the downside is that the hair re-grows within two to four days, plus they often carry a strong acidy smell.

Shaving is the other form of depilation – it is a quick and cheap way of getting rid of the fuzz but much like depilatory creams, the hair re-grows between two to four days. Shaving hair is often accompanied by ingrown hairs; therefore it is important that you also exfoliate. Shaving is a painless process but if you happen to accidently cut yourself with the blade, you might yelp.

Is it for me?

If you’re after a hair removal technique that is fast, painless and cheap, then by all means depilation is the answer for you. However, if you’re fed up of constantly shaving every few days, then epilating is a better option for you. Epilating can include waxing, laser or electrolysis– although this is a more painful treatment and more expensive, it will leave your skin silky smooth and fuzz free for longer. So if you’ve had enough of unwanted hair, say “fuzz off” now with epilating treatments.