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East meets West in this cultural combo of massage techniques. Mixing together Chinese Acupressure and Swedish Massage, Daoyin Tao is a powerful but calming therapy that will help to relax and readdress the balance in your body.

Drawing on Chinese Medicine theories, the massage focuses on the face, neck and shoulders to release trapped and stagnant energy that makes you feel weary and rundown, so it’s the perfect treatment for when you’ve been burning the candle at both ends.

How does it work

A totally holistic therapy, Daoyin Tao uses slow, gentle, flowing techniques combined with specific massage movements on exact areas of the scalp, face, neck and shoulders. Using this unique combination of skills, the mesmerising blend of both Eastern and Western techniques helps to create a deep sense of relaxation.

Although the massage focuses solely on the upper part of your body, your therapist will still design an individual therapy that works best for you because don’t forget, these therapies are all about you. Whether it’s catching a few precious minutes of ‘me’ time or you’re recovering from an illness or injury, the focus has to be on what the treatment can do for you.

When it’s time to get down to the nitty gritty of Daoyin Tao, you shouldn’t need to strip off completely, although your top may need to be removed as your masseur will need easy access to your neck, face, ears and scalp, and sometimes a small amount of oil will be used to lubricate the treatment area. You’ll also be asked to remove any jewellery, accessories or frivolous head gear as these could be considered obstructive.

The treatment usually lasts between 30 minutes and an hour, depending on your particular needs and whether you’re having it as a stand-alone session or as part of another treatment.

Is it for me?

The Daoyin Tao experience could be described as having a domino effect. By reducing tension and stress in the upper areas of the body, it has a positive effect on ailments elsewhere, so by making one change, you can alter and influence secondary conditions in the body which is where the treatment’s healing credentials come from. This treatment is therefore linked to rebalancing, revitalising and rejuvenating, as well as helping to eradicate decongestion, general pain and discomfort.

Good to know

Daoyin Tao is a fairly new therapy that was originated and developed by Anna-Louise Haigh. She drew on the skills she acquired from working in Chinese hospitals and clinics as well as through her experience as a complementary healthcare practitioner, teacher, lecturer and writer to combine techniques used in both the Eastern and Western worlds.

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