Craniosacral Therapy

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It’s not just the fluid you drink that can keep your health buoyant. Craniosacral therapy aims to keep your whole body in tip-top condition by using subtle movements of the bones in the skull and spine to improve the flow of spinal fluid and the fluid around the brain.

The idea is that when the bones are correctly aligned, there will be nothing to hamper the circulation of cerebrospinal fluid - allowing it to do its job of protecting the brain and keeping pressure around the central nervous system even. Once your skull and spine are more perfectly aligned, your body is thought to be better equipped to self-heal.

How does it work?

Before teasing you back into line, your therapist will take case history and ask you about any specific health conditions. You’ll then be asked to lie down, face upwards on a bed or padded mat. There’s no need to take your clothes off, but you’re likely to be asked to remove your shoes and socks.

Your therapist will use his or her hands to apply gentle pressure to your head and other parts of the body, including ears, hands and feet. The whole treatment will normally last about an hour and you may be recommended three to ten sessions to gain the full benefits.

Is it for me?

Because the therapy is thought to benefit the body’s own healing process, it can be used to improve general wellbeing. Craniosacral therapists suggest that it’s a suitable treatment for a long list of specific health problems too – from psychological conditions such as depression and insomnia to medical problems like migraines, whiplash and spinal curvature.

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