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If Old Father Time is on the warpath, arm yourself with some cosmetic skin treatments to help you wind back the years. On hand to smooth over lumps and bumps and wipe out wrinkles, there are a multitude of skin savers ready to plump and pump you full of goodness, and help you regain that long-lasting youthfulness.

Carboxy Therapy

A relatively new kid on the block in terms of cosmetic skin treatments, Carboxy Therapy is being heralded as Botox’s body rival. A quick and effective way to treat cellulite, Carbon Dioxide is injected directly into the body through a tiny needle. Research shows that carbon dioxide kills fat cells, but it also causes blood vessels to expand and swell. When this happens, extra oxygen rushes to the area, and flushes out fluid build-up between the cells. This encourages the skin to produce more collagen which means you’re left with fewer fat cells and firmer skin.

Taking up only 10 minutes of your time, the only sensation you’ll feel is a slight tingling which, if you’ve ever been cornered by the school nurse at jab time, should be nothing new.

Suggested as a viable treatment to abolish bingo wings, stretch marks and cellulite, results vary depending on the individual so it might be necessary to have top up treatments every 6 months, or invest in a course to assure your skin remains supple and fat free.


Using the same premise as Carboxy Therapy, Mesotherapy injects fatty areas with a concoction of pharmaceutical and homeopathic medicines, including vitamins, amino acids, plant extracts and inflammatories. Working together as a fat busting bombshell to annihilate cellulite, improve circulation and boost levels of hyaluronic acid in the skin, Mesotherapy treatments can reduce small fatty deposits under the eyes and chin. Because of all the extra vitamins and minerals it has in the formula, it also encourages the tone, quality and firmness of the skin on the face, neck and hands - and we all know our mitts are the biggest giveaway as to how many years we’ve got building up behind us.

Normally a course of Mesotherapy treatments is advised and there tends to be no limit to the number of areas you can have treated in one session, so you can go all out and start targeting every abomination. After your course has finished, with a little TLC, the results should remain in tact, but to keep on top of your treatment there’s always the option to have Mesotherapy boosters on a regular basis.


It could be argued that the above treatments all fall into the category of injectables and you’d be right, but as well as firming up the face and softening harsh lines and wrinkles, the ingredients can also help to remove fatty deposits and cellulite. The below injectables on the other hand are all types of filler that work solely on plumping up that pout, ironing out crows lines and improving the appearance of scars. Although they all have comparable results, it’s the filler formula that differs and that’s when it’s up to you and your consultant to decide which one’s best for you.

  • '''Collagen''' - a natural protein that helps keep skin taught and toned, your body’s collagen decreases the older you get, leaving skin to sag. According to sources, just one quick hit of collagen later and you should be able to see immediate results which can last up to 6 months at a time.
  • '''Restylane''' - is a liquid gel and sugar compound that’s injected into areas around the nose and mouth to enhance and shape facial contours. It works by replenishing hyaluronic acid which occurs naturally in the body, but like collagen, depletes with age. Taking only 15 minutes to perform, it’s claimed you can still see the effects a whole year on.
  • '''Hydoxylapatite''' - found in human bones is a mineral-like compound. The heaviest of fillers, this bad boy treatment is recommended for deeper creases such as frown lines.
  • '''Fat Fillers''' - not an excuse to chow down on fatty foods but an injectable procedure that can fill out hollow cheeks, level uneven brow lines and emphasise that cupids bow. Using fat taken from another part of your body using liposuction, it’s then re-injected into areas where you need to bulk up your bod most. *'''New Fill''' - specially developed to help ‘fill in’ grooves and furrows, the polylactic acid in this formula encourages the body to produce more collagen leaving skin as smooth as a baby’s behind. Still predominantly used to treat facial faux pas’, it’s also effective on the neck and décolletage with proponents of the new found filler claiming that the outcome will last two years.


Injectable it isn’t, but a form of cosmetic skin treatment it is. Following the same principles as laser treatments, PhotoRejuvination is a form of light therapy where Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) is applied to the treatment area to diminish flushness, smooth rough skin and encourage collagen production. A fast and effective way to turn back time; the treatment is suitable for the face, neck, chest, back, hands, arms and legs and should leave you looking picture perfect.

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