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Onwards and upwards. If you’re feeling somewhat stuck in a rut, or want to make some important changes in your life and you’re unsure how to go about it (and we’re not talking a switch from regular to decaf), coaching could provide a helping hand.

How does it work?

Think of it a little bit like [[treatment/counselling/| counselling]] – without the “So how does that make you feel?” stereotype. Coaching aims to provide a client with the support and motivation they need to positively adapt their work or personal life, and works on the premise that you’re psychologically sound enough to receive advice without any actual therapy. They won’t typically delve into your past to discover the root of your issues – so any particularly scary skeletons are probably safe in their cupboard – but if you do want to combine the two, a coaching psychologist might work on a deeper level with you.

You’ve also got no need to worry if you’re feeling a bit couch-phobic, as a lot of life and business coaches can work purely through email. Or, if you’re nostalgic for the age of face-to-face interaction, you can find some that prefer to meet in person, or they may want to watch you in action. It’s a distinctly individual process, so it’s worth shopping around for someone that suits you, and you’ll get advice and recommendations based on your specific situation. However, your coach won’t tell you exactly what to do with your life – or do it for you, unfortunately – so you will have to make sure that you’re committed in order to get the most out of it (no setting those emails to hide away in your junk folder).

Some benefits of coaching are said to be: Improved direction and focus Increased motivation and efficiency Increased ability to deal effectively with change and influence others Increased self-understanding

Is it for me?

If you’re sceptical about therapy but feel you’re getting nowhere fast on your own, hiring your own personal coach could be the perfect answer. It’s a great option for those busy bees among us, as you can go about changing your life from your very own Blackberry, but it might not be the answer for those who don’t work as well independently. Also, coaching doesn’t require a specific qualification, so if you prefer your advice to come with a PhD it might be worth looking at [[treatment/psychotherapy/| psychotherapy]].

Good to know

You can even get coaching in finances - more pennies left over to spend on those [[mobdeal/uk/| MobDeals]]!

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