Carnival Slam

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Dance your cares away. A fusion of high and low impact exercise, Carnival Slam is a Caribbean-themed fitness class inspired by the Notting Hill Carnival. Combining exercise and dance, the class encourages you to get your groove on and fight the flab at the same time.

How it works

A multi-defining workout, a Carnival Slam class aims to improve agility, speed, strength, power and flexibility all to the beat of the bongo drums. A well-documented form of cardiovascular exercise, dancing is a great way to stay in shape as it targets the body from head to toe and helps improve your posture, flexibility and body lineage. It’s also a great way to boost circulation and is one of the most social forms of exercise you can partake in.

Probably best avoided if you’re more of a waltzing Matilda, these high-impact bootie-busting sessions are said to be the equivalent of a Body Attack and Pilates class, so whether you choose the class as a one-off bout of fun in the lead up to carnival season or you sign up for a course, there’s no denying it’ll help keep the pounds at bay.

Dancing can be enjoyed by anyone and everyone but if you have any sports injuries or are unsure about what to expect, talk to the instructor before you sign-up. Loose and comfortable clothing is a must and always carry a bottle of water so you can rehydrate your body in between busting those moves.

Good to know

Notting Hill Carnival is on 24th and 25th August (in 2008). The Carnival Slam classes will be available at all London LA Fitness Clubs from 18th August and they are hoping for a nationwide rollout of the classes in the foreseeable future.

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