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Camouflage Make-up description

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Now you see it, now you don’t. Camouflage make-up is a range of cosmetic products for the face and body designed to cover up skin discolouration and blemishes. It’s a miracle make-over for birth marks, thread veins, scarring, bruises, acne or even tattoos – perfect if you don’t want your new boss to know you used to be a Hell’s Angel.

How does it work?

Let’s face it, ordinary beauty-counter products barely cover your pimples, let alone a dark birthmark or bruise. Camouflage make-up has a much higher concentration of pigment than ordinary make-up. This makes it more opaque, giving you the flawless, even colour needed to completely mask imperfections.

Camouflage cosmetic ranges tend to include super-concentrated concealers, facial creams, body creams, fixing powder, fixing sprays and removing creams. Many products are completely waterproof, smudgeproof, sweatproof and after ‘fixing’ will last all day. So, when you’re splashing about at the beach, there’s no need to worry about being suddenly exposed (unless your trunks are too skimpy).

To get the perfect, ‘I was born this beautiful’ look, it’s important to buy the right shade. It’s possible to mix creams if you can’t find your exact skin tone. Once you’ve found your make-up soul mate, the area you’re going to cover should then be moisturised before the cream or concealer is dabbed on, blended in and left to dry for 3 to 10 minutes. Then the setting powder or spray can be used to keep your skin looking peachy all day long or until you’re ready to wash it away.

When the time comes to go au naturale again, it’s just a case of slapping on some removal lotion and wiping it away with cotton wool. Or, for larger areas of the body there are different removal creams that can be massaged over and showered off.

Is it for me?

Some marks on your skin are unique and beautiful, but if you have a discolouration or blemish that’s sapping your confidence or stunting your sex-appeal, camouflage make-up can give you a quick-fix, non-invasive solution. Compared to the silly prices of mainstream designer make-up, camouflage cosmetics are very good value too.

These products can be used to cover up vitiligo, under-eye circles, thread veins, tattoos, bruising, scarring, acne, age/liver spots, varicose veins, stretch marks, freckles and almost any other marks on your skin with the exception of rashes and areas where the skin is broken.

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