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Boost your bust as well as your confidence. If you have any qualms about your chest size but going under the knife is a no-go, a revolutionary new filler injection, nicknamed the lunchtime ‘boob jab’, has recently been launched onto the cosmetic enhancement market. Although only a temporary solution as the filler eventually gets absorbed by your body, the injection (also known as Macrolane), will help you up your cup size as well as improve the shape and fullness of your breasts, leaving you with the perfect pair you’ve always dreamed of.

How it works

Offering a viable alternative to implants, Macrolane is a body shaping treatment that uses the synthetic substance - hyaluronic acid to shape and fill areas that need a little plumping. Based on unique patented NASHA technology (Stabilised Non-Animal Hyaluronic Acid) that’s already used in treatments worldwide including facial aesthetics, the gel is available in two formulations that can be injected separately or together. Dependent on you and your treatment area, the volume and type of Macrolane used will be decided between you and your physician at your consultation.

When you arrive for your bust-boosting jab, your plastic surgeon will administer a local anaesthetic under your armpits, round the sides and down your cleavage area to numb the breasts. Performed lying down with a screen between you and your body, even the most squeamish shouldn’t worry as there’s little chance of you seeing anything that’s happening below the screen.

Once your anaesthetic kicks in, the Macrolane is injected deep into a pocket behind the breast tissue using a thick needle similar to a knitting needle (it’s now when you suddenly become thankful of the screen). As the filler is injected, your surgeon may get you to move around slightly and lift your arms up and down while they manipulate the filler with their fingers to give the breasts the best shape. Working on one breast at a time, the entire process only takes between half an hour and 45minutes to perform, and results are instantaneous. No overnight stay is needed and you can be on your merry way just minutes after.

Not entirely pain-free, the anaesthetic is said to sting and the injection has been likened to dentist fillings. Post-procedure, you’ll experience slight swelling and bruising and your chest will feel tender for a few days, so it’s advised you don’t lie on your front; however your body will soon begin to produce tissue around the gel, keeping it protected and in place. Because the body then recognises the gel as its own, it means there is only a minimal risk of allergic reactions or infection. There is also no scarring.

Unfortunately, your new boobs won’t last forever as the Macrolene depletes naturally and will be excreted through your normal bodily waste. Effects usually last between 12 to 18 months but you will need top-up jabs after that.

Is it for me?

If your boobs are making you blue, Macrolane could help you to feel better about yourself. As well as increasing your chest size, it’s a recommended way to get your breasts back in shape if you’ve recently lost weight or given birth. Also, because Macrolane is translucent, breast cancer screeners can still see through it, meaning you can still have routine check-ups.

Not just for boobs, Macrolane can also be used to add volume and shape to calves, buttocks and dips and dents caused by liposuction.

Good to know

The initial Macrolane injection costs around £2000, with top-up jabs priced at around £1000.

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