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Unleash your inner Rocky. Boxing is a combat sport in which two people fight one another with their fists. The sport can be practised competitively, but is also a fun way to get a good workout. Boxing is great for increasing fitness, stamina, agility and strength as well as helping you to lose weight and tone up – always a bonus!

How does it work?

You will begin your session with a warm up to get your heart rate going and loosen your muscles. Warm up activities include skipping rope, jogging and shadow boxing and are very important - you don’t want to hurt yourself just as you’re ready to get started, do you?

After you have warmed up, your instructor will teach you some basic boxing techniques. They will show you different punches and footwork, and will get you to practice on a punch bag – this is your chance to get rid of any pent up anger!

Beginners don’t need to worry about being thrown straight in to the ring – sparring is not obligatory, and if you do choose to try it out you will partake in body-sparring only, with no punches to the head – phew!

Is it for me?

Boxing is often thought of as a man’s sport, but it can also be enjoyed by women. However, due to the fact that it is a combat sport and can be quite aggressive, it is unsuitable for pregnant women or anyone with an injury or illness - probably best to find something a bit gentler...

Good to know

Boxing and fist-fighting have been practised as sports for thousands of years. The first proper written rules for the sport were introduced in 1743.

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