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If you want to be super-fit, you can't pull your punches. Boxercise is a high-intensity exercise class that combines resistance training with aerobic exercise. Boxercise is non-contact; the emphasis is on knocking your body into shape, not knocking anyone out.

How does it work?

Each instructor will run their boxercise class a little differently, but most involve "sparring", either with a partner using pads or with a punchbag. Some classes are more focussed on training the muscles through shadowboxing, which involves repetition of boxing (and often kickboxing) moves as the basis for a high-energy workout.

So can boxercise make you look like Mohammed Ali? The classes are great for all-over fitness, but particularly good for the arms and upper body. Add to that the training techniques such as skipping, shuttle runs, press-ups and sit-ups which are often involved and you'll be lean and mean in no time.

A boxercise class will push you hard, so it's best to bring a bottle of water, a small towel and to wear trainers and comfortable clothes. Most classes last 45mins to an hour and you can expect an upbeat soundtrack - so you'll truly feel like Rocky Balboa.

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You don't have to be a Lycra-lover to trim up with aerobics. In the simplest terms, aerobic exercise is any exercise you do where your muscles use oxygen. For example, running is aerobic.


Unleash your inner Rocky. Boxing is a combat sport in which two people fight one another with their fists. The sport can be practised competitively, but is also a fun way to get a good workout. Boxing is great for increasing fitness, stamina, agility and strength as well as helping you to lose weight and tone up – always a bonus!

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Kick into action. Muay Thai (also known as Thai boxing) is a martial art that originated in Thailand but shares some similarities with western kickboxing. Making use of punches, kicks and elbow and knee strikes, Muay Thai gives the whole body a demanding workout – not ideal for delicate types.

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These boots were made for walking. Fun, free and incredibly easy to take up, walking regularly provides your body with a steady and low impact aerobic workout. More interesting than the non-changing scenery of the gym, walking in groups adds a social element and makes it feel even less like you are taking part in calorie-burning exercise.