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Time to up the tempo. Pronounced, ‘boo-ya-ka’, this high-energy dance form fuses a variety of different styles, from Brazilian to hip-hop, via reaggaeton. Set to fun, fast beats, classes are an enjoyable way of working out the whole body – not to mention burning a good few calories. Booiaka’s signature movement? Booty-shaking – a pretty good sign that this workout is anything but boring...

How does it work?

Booiaka fuses elements of Latin, Brazilian, Jamaican, hip-hop, old school and reggaeton dance styles, combining them with R&B, hip-hop and African music. Although it sounds like there’ll be a lot going on, movements are built up steadily, step-by-step – so you needn’t worry about picking them up. Classes typically last 90 minutes, giving you plenty of time to get comfortable with the moves and unleash your inner dance diva...

Booiaka’s moves haven’t just been designed to make classes enjoyable – they also help to provide an optimised workout for the whole body. Engaging all major muscle groups, and placing focus on the arms, legs, glutes and core, Booika helps to tone as well as burning fat – blasting up to 700 calories in just an hour. Where do we sign up?

Is it for me?

If you tend to see exercise as a chore, Booiaka may well be the ideal form of activity for you. Many people liken a class to hitting the dance floor with friends (minus the cocktails, of course). Suitable for all ages and body types, Booiaka can be practised by anyone – although you’re most likely to get enjoyment out of it if you’re a fan of dance.

Those who are ill, injured or pregnant should discuss participation with their instructor before starting classes, as some of the moves can be pretty energetic! Your teacher will be able to offer you tailored safety advice - after all, you don't want to do yourself any damage.

Good to know

Booiaka originated in America, where it was invented by Italian choreographer and dancer Tatiana Tamai, who currently teaches classes in California.

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