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Tap, tap, tap your way to good health with this alternative therapy. BodyTalk is based on the belief that the body knows how to heal itself but, similar to a computer, can sometimes get overloaded, leading to a malfunction. A BodyTalk practitioner offers no diagnosis or prescription, just a session which uses muscle testing and light tapping on the head and sternum to re establish channels of communication within the body. This ‘rewiring’ therefore helps the body to start functioning properly again.

'''How does it work?'''

BodyTalk is an "energy medicine" which is based on scientific principles and has the potential to help health concerns whether they are physical, mental or emotional. It can help with conditions such as arthritis, chronic fatigue, stress, headaches and pain.

The most important thing you will need to do during a BodyTalk session is relax and wear something you will feel comfortable in. You’ll be asked to lay face-up and fully clothed whilst the practitioner uses your arm or hand to do the biofeedback technique. Gentle contact will be made with various energy points on the body during the balancing phase of the session. The practitioner will manoeuver through the BodyTalk protocol chart to determine the physical, mental and emotional or communication imbalances that are preventing the body from functioning optimally.

All of the balancing techniques are energetic in nature and involve gentle contact over various points on the body (done by either the client or the practitioner), which will enhance the energy flow and help to re-establish communication in those areas. One of these sessions normally takes around 45 minutes. The number of sessions needed varies, but most people experience significant improvements after the first two to three sessions.

'''Is it for me?'''

Most people go for a BodyTalk session for a specific health concern and the length of time between each session depends on the situation of the individual. As no invasive techniques are used, it makes this alternative therapy truly holistic in its approach to health problems. Everyone has the potential to benefit from BodyTalk, and it can be used as general health maintenance or to improve conditions either alongside other treatments.

Due to its non invasive method, it is suitable to treat children and babies. It can help to improve learning abilities and brain functionality, deal with concepts of separation or control, or allergies, colic and eczema.

BodyTalk is also effective in helping discomfort in pregnant woman such as; back pain, morning sickness, cramps and anxiety about birth. It can also help with conditions that might otherwise require caesarean sections such as problems with the placenta blocking baby's exit and breech babies.

'''Good to Know'''

The BodyTalk System was developed in 1995 by Australian acupuncturist, Reiki master and chiropractor Dr John Veltheim. He once ran a busy clinic for Chinese medicine, acupuncture, chiropractic and naturopathy but became ill and couldn't recover. A long search for a cure led him to experiment with blending these and other alternative therapies and he discovered that you can literally tap into the body's energy circuits by using simple muscle testing and tapping to discover areas of sluggish communication.

In just a decade, BodyTalk has spread to over 30 countries and is taught in eight languages on all five continents. There are now over 80 Certified BodyTalk Practitioners in the UK.

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