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Step into action. Bodystep is an energetic step workout set to great motivational music that’s guaranteed to get you moving. The workout combines fat-burning cardio with muscle conditioning to tone your body and it’s all set to popular tunes - making it a fun and effective way to get in to shape.

How does it work?

At the beginning of the class you will be assigned a special step to use when exercising. During your workout you will move on, over and around the step to different music tracks. Classes begin with a gentle warm-up, after which your teacher will explain the basic movements. You will then up your heart rate with two fitness peaks, followed by a recovery period. Next up is a party track, a speed track and a final cardio track to really push you. The class will finish with a cool down, so take a moment to relax – and don’t forget to congratulate yourself on all your hard work!

If you’re a fitness fiend, you can increase the intensity of your workout by raising the height of your step. Alternatively, if you are looking to take it a bit easier, you can lower your step so that your workout is tailored to your comfort zone.

Is it for me?

Bodystep is suitable for both men and women, and you can participate in a class no matter what your level of fitness. Lots of women continue to practise Bodystep during pregnancy, but it’s important to consult with your instructor if you are expecting – they can help you devise a gentler workout.

Good to know

Every few months a new Bodystep class is released with new choreography and music. This means that there are lots of classes for your instructor to choose from so that you will never get bored.

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