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Turn your body into a work of art. Desperate for definition? Sighing over your saggy bits? Body sculpting classes focus on cardiovascular exercises and [[treatment/strength-training/| strength training]], helping to tone those muscles, improve posture, burn calories and eliminate unwanted fat. Stick at it and you’ll go from lumpy to lean in no time...

How does it work?

During a body sculpting class you will perform a variety of cardiovascular strength training exercises to help hone your body and leave you fighting fit. To prevent muscle strain, the session will begin with a light warm up and plenty of [[treatment/stretching/| stretching]] – ensuring that you are nice and ready for some more intense resistance training.

Certain [[treatment/cardio-training/| cardio exercises]] are incorporated to increase fitness, but the real star of the show in body sculpting is strength training. Your instructor will teach you to use a variety of different weights and resistance bands to really get those muscles working. You’ll focus on typical problem areas such as your core, legs, bum, arms and stomach – before performing a gentle cool down at the end of the class. It won’t necessarily be easy – but then they do say no pain, no gain...

Is it for me?

Whether you’re a bit of an exercise-phobe or a fitness fanatic, you can benefit from body sculpting. Classes cater to different levels of stamina, and there’s no need to panic about learning the ropes - your instructor will be on hand to help you get the hang of it.

Not only is resistance training a good choice of exercise for those who want to tone their body and increase their muscular strength – it’s also a fantastic way to lose weight. Strong muscles mean a higher metabolism – helping you to burn more calories as you go about your everyday life. Sounds pretty good to us...

If you suffer from a medical condition or are recovering from an injury it’s best to consult your instructor before beginning a class, as some aspects of body sculpting may make it unsuitable for you.

Good to know

Regularly attending a body sculpting class could help to reduce your chances of developing osteoporosis – we reckon that’s a pretty good reason to get your gym kit on.

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