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Bored of lifting weights alone? Step into a Body Pump class and have fun while burning off loads of calories. Body Pump is a one-hour long fitness class based on muscle group work, choreography and weight training. Created in 1991 in New Zealand, it is now one of the most popular fitness classes in the world, found in over 10,000 health clubs and gyms worldwide.

How does it work?

Each class works eight muscle groups with different songs ('tracks') to get you moving, together with an opening and closing track for warm up and cool down. You work with the music using free weight plates, an aerobic step and barbells, and you're free to choose your own weights according to your fitness goals and the intensity of the workout you're used to. The class focus is to help you build muscle endurance in a fun group session, eliminating the need for that sometimes daunting experience that is the free weights room. The instructor will point out any error, making sure you are working the right muscles in the right way.

==Is it for me?===

Body Pump developers claim it to be 'the fastest way to get in shape'. It is really good at boosting your energy levels and getting you on the right track to fitness. The best thing to do to see if Body Pump is your cup of tea is to try a class. The choreography is the key to the workout, so if you have trouble doing squats or lunges due to knee or back injuries, then it's probably not for you. Pregnant women are encouraged to try the classes with light weights so as not to strain themselves and their precious cargo.

Good to know

There are many gyms offering 'Body Pump' classes, but if you're interested in the real deal, look for the TradeMark.

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