Body Balance

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Put down that squishy stress ball. Body Balance is a mixed workout of Yoga, Tai Chi and Pilates which aims to build flexibility and strength while leaving you feeling centered and calm.

'''How does it work?'''

You’ll be stretching, moving and posing your way into a state of harmony and balance. With controlled breathing and concentration, you can forget about the road rage you had this morning and the lady who queue-jumped in the supermarket and leave feeling strong, calm and collected.

You’ll warm up with a series of simple, traditional Tai Chi exercises and evolve into the 3-Legged Dog, shifting into the Plank Pose and then sinking into Crocodile Pose. You’ll then begin to work on your core by using some very slow and controlled Pilates moves. This core movement will really put your endurance and abdominal strength to the test. It’s going to be tough but if you want those defined abs, hang in there!

The holistic group exercise class usually lasts up to an hour and is perfect for filling some personal time out with enhancing your physical and mental well-being. After attending Body Balance you should feel an improved joint flexibility and an increase in your core strength. You’ll be burning off those lunchtime calories in no time and you should feel your stress levels reduce. Body Balance focuses your mind and raises your level of consciousness through controlled breathing. It provides a sense of well-being and serenity so you can take everything in your stride.

'''Is it for me?'''

From the first class you should already be feeling its relaxing and stress-reducing benefits, but it usually takes about three classes to feel comfortable with the structure and moves of the class. Some Body Balance devotees experience a little muscle soreness after the first couple of classes which disappears as strength, posture and flexibility improve. Don’t worry about investing in expensive trainers for this class…it’s all in barefoot to feel full contact with the floor for the balancing and postural work.

'''Good to know'''

Body Balance may be a strong and graceful class but don’t let the calming music fool you, it’s one of the most intense and physical classes you’ll find.

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