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No wimps allowed. Have a go at those love handles, tackle that tummy and attempt to banish those pesky bingo wings with this sports-inspired cardio workout used for building strength and stamina. The high energy interval training class combines together athletic aerobic movements with exercises for strength and stability. It all sounds a bit intense and daunting but have no fear, a motivational instructor and some louder than loud dance tunes will more than likely be pumping out the stereo whilst the pounds just drop off…

How does it work?

A typical body attack class is an hour long and focuses on improving your speed, strength, fitness and agility. Firstly, you will be guided through a simple aerobic warm up that will increase into an intense range of moves. You’ll then enter the two intense peaks that are followed by some recovery and conditioning tracks. that are designed to focus on your upper and lower body. Push yourself that little bit further and enjoy the final section, where you’re given the chance to recover and stretch. A pat on the back is definitely deserved if you’ve completed all of that and are still smiling.

Although it may seem like a lot of hard work, body attack classes have tonnes of benefits for your body. Not only are they a great all round exercise to tone and shape, they burn loads of calories, raise your overall fitness and stamina, improve coordination and agility, develop strength through core conditioning work and increase your heart and lung capacity. If you’re not ready to take on the world after one of these classes then you never will, that’s for sure. Comfortable workout clothes, good gym shoes, a stack of water and a towel are essential for any body attack fan – so get geared up and prepare to work for that body you’ve always wanted.

Is it for me?

Body attack is for those who have moderate fitness levels. The moves aren’t too complicated so get stuck in and give it a go. Although do remember to have a rest day between classes to give your body time to recover – plus you don’t want to be showing everyone else up with your flawless co-ordination (or wear yourself out completely), do you?

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