Billion Dollar Brows

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Get brows that wow. If your arches are lacking that special something, a Billion Dollar Brows treatment could be just what you need to get them looking nice and shapely. An ideal way to tame wild brows or compensate for some zealous over-plucking, the BDB treatment thankfully doesn’t cost a billion dollars – good news for recessionistas everywhere.

How does it work?

Billion Dollar Brows is a Beverly Hills based cosmetics company dedicated entirely to – yep, you guessed it – eyebrows. Now, UK practitioners have caught the bug, with many training to become BDB Brow Artists. Using a variety of shaping techniques, in addition to BDB products designed to boost growth, tame and define, their mission is to get British brows looking bold and brilliant. Sounds good to us...

A BDB session begins with the use of the Brow Buddy – a patented tool that helps to work out the exact shape of the brows and how they should be dealt with. Your therapist will use the Brow Buddy to guide them through the treatment, and also to help teach you how best to maintain your brows at home.

Is it for me?

If you think you’ve been neglecting your brows of late, it could be time to show them some TLC. Whether you have thin, sparse brows and would like them to be bolder, or are simply lusting after and angular arch, a BDB Brow Artist will be able to sort you out in a jiffy.

Good to know

Paula Abdul is a fan of the BDB Beverly Hills salon, regularly getting her eyebrows done there.

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