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Prepare to sweat like never before. This style of yoga is a dynamic combination of strength, sweat and spirituality. Founded by yoga teacher and author Baron Baptiste and his sister Sherrie Baptiste Freeman, it claims to leave you detoxified, healed and electrifying, whilst sculpting and toning muscles in the process. Sounds pretty darn good to us… and perhaps a little scary.

How does it work?

Baptiste Power Yoga refers to Baron Baptiste’s method and is also known as Power Vinyasa Yoga. It is a strenuous form of yoga that is taught in studios with a heat of a sweltering 88-90 degrees, to emphasise the personal power and empowerment of a person. Prepare to feel important! (and maybe a little bit hot under the collar).

The poses tend to flow from one to another in a sequence, using controlled breathing. The main focus in this heated branch of yoga is adaptation, so the practitioner can change and modify each posture to suit them. This lets you work to your own level of ability and fitness so you won’t feel the need to hide at the back of the class - you can mingle with the pros! A good yoga practice can leave you with the overall sense of being strong and anxiety-free, so it’s a great stress buster after a hard day at the office.

Is it for me?

Baptiste Power Yoga can be practiced by anyone, as long as modifications are in place with each individual’s issues. Like other exercise programs, pregnant women should check with their doctor on how to proceed and if it’s suitable, but it’s not recommended that you start to practice yoga as a beginner if you’re pregnant. We think this is a bit of a no for mums to be – take it easy and put your feet up instead.

Good to know

Baptiste became famous for teaching yoga and bringing a yoga regime to the American National Football League players training as a member of the Philadelphia Eagles coaching staff. If it’s good enough for the celebs...

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