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In need of a little flower power? Dr Edward Bach's flower remedies are [[treatment/homeopathy/| homeopathic treatments]] designed to treat patients by targeting negative emotional states that can cause illness. The remedies themselves contain extracts of flowers and plants, diluted in liquid solution.

How does it work?

During his early life, Dr Bach practiced conventional medicine as a general practitioner, bacteriologist and pathologist in London. However, he came to feel that conventional medicine focussed too much on the disease and ignored the feelings and personality of the patient. With this in mind, he abandoned conventional medicine, giving up his Harley Street practice to concentrate on his abilities as a healer, developing a system of natural homeopathic remedies.

The remedies are designed to flush out negative emotions. Even if you're not feeling particularly blue, practitioners believe that many negative emotions such as fear, loneliness, uncertainty, disinterest, despondence and over-sensitivity can be repressed within you.

There are 38 remedies, many of which have very specific applications. So, rather than muddling through with a self-diagnosis, therapists recommend a one-to-one consultation to explore your emotional state and to prescribe the most appropriate remedy.

With this treatment, a little is designed to go a long way - the remedies themselves come in small bottles, in most cases you dilute two of drops in mineral water and drink the solution up to four times a day, or apply a couple of drops underneath the tongue.

Is it for me?

If you want something extra to complement any medical treatment you're already having, or need a bit of an emotional pick-me-up, harnessing the healing power of your garden could be just what you're looking for. They're natural and non-toxic so they're safe for the whole family to use.

Good to know

Flower essence therapy is also used to help abused or neglected animals.

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