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Auricular Acupuncture description

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Pins and needles in your ears might not sound very relaxing, but auricular acupuncture is a widely-recognised Chinese therapy. Your outer ears are a very important area for acupuncture; they are thought to act like the master key to unlock trapped chi (your life force) and relieve pain around your body, including your internal organs, or to relieve stress and lift your spirits.

How does it work?

Your therapist will tap very fine needles into your outer ears - don't worry, none of them go inside your ear canal! There are over two hundred acupuncture hot spots in the flaps of your outer ear and each one relates to a different part of your body. So, a needle in your earlobe could really be helping your headaches or the function of your liver; in other words, having therapeutic effects in places you might not want to stick a needle.

This treatment is perfect if you're not comfortable with lying down (or taking your clothes off) as it's normally done sitting upright. After a consultation, your therapist will put anything from just two to around 20 needles in your ears. Then all you have to do is relax and let the needles do their work.

Does it hurt?

Though auricular acupuncture is nothing like having your ears pierced, some say that needles in the cartilage of your ears can hurt a little more than they do in fleshier parts of your body. The pricking feeling is usually followed by a warmth or slight ache as you get a little rush of adrenaline to the spot.

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