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Put your hands in the air… without the wobble. It’s tragic - you’ve never played bingo in your life, you don’t even know how it works - but your arms seem to be telling a different story. Life for those afflicted with what we Brits call ‘bingo wings’ (otherwise known as ‘bat wings’) can be pretty miserable, but thankfully modern cosmetic surgery has the answer. Never fear - brachioplasty is here…

How Does it Work?

Brachioplasty is the technical term for arm lift surgery, a cosmetic procedure that whips away unsightly, saggy under-arm skin quicker than you can say ‘legs eleven!’ The procedure is most often undertaken by women who decide that diet and exercise is just not cutting it anymore. Their saggy skin is often the result of pregnancy, an extreme weight loss or just simply getting older, and it’s all down to a loss of elasticity. Yes, that old chestnut.

While an arm lift cannot restore natural elasticity, it can provide a permanent solution to those embarrassing wobbly-wave moments. An arm lift is actually quite a standard surgical procedure, taking only two hours under general anaesthetic. It involves removing the nasty excess skin, mostly on the inside of the upper arm and making the skin tighter again. It is often combined with liposuction, where subcutaneous fatty tissue is also whipped away.

Is it for me?

Arm surgery can be a welcome alternative to cardigans in the summer and carrying cans of baked beans everywhere you go, but none the less it is probably worth trying to shed those wings in the gym first. However, if dumb-bells are just leaving you numb, arm lift surgery could be for you. The recovery period is relatively short - you should have full mobility and normal use back within four weeks.

After surgery, the surgeon will apply a bandage and two weeks after the arm lift the bandage will be removed and the stitches taken out. Heavy lifting should be completely avoided during the four week recovery period. You will of course have a scar which will run from the armpit to the elbow, another thing to bear in mind. But with care, and the help of lotions and potions, it could be barely noticeable after a year or two.

Good to Know

Women are plagued with more under-arm fat and skin than men. This is because genetically, women have a higher body fat percentage and often have thinner skin, predisposing them to having heavier arms. For the same reason, ladies are more prone to getting cellulite too. Sigh…

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