Areola Reconstruction

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The finishing touch. Areola reconstruction (also known as nipple reconstruction) is a procedure that can help those who have undergone reconstruction of the breast area, as well as those who have naturally pale or undefined areolas. If you are suffering from issues of self-esteem, a nipple reconstruction could give a significant boost to your confidence - leaving you feeling happier in your skin.

How does it work?

Nipple reconstruction is usually performed as an outpatient procedure, and typically involves two stages. During the first phase of nipple reconstruction, your surgeon will use skin taken locally from the reconstructed breast to create the mound of your new nipple. This will then be given sufficient time to heal, after which your surgeon will use semi-permanent tattooing techniques to give the appearance of an areola. This rarely hurts, as women tend not to feel much sensation in reconstructed breasts – however, if you do feel any discomfort then your surgeon will administer a local anaesthetic.

Is it for me?

Some women who have experienced breast reconstruction do not wish to undergo further surgery in order to have their areolas reconstructed. However, for other women an areola reconstruction represents an important boost in confidence.

As with any surgery, areola reconstruction carries with it certain risks – make sure you have talked these over carefully with your surgeon before treatment begins.

Good to know

When reconstructing your areolas, your surgeon can use your pre-operative photos to recreate your natural nipple colour. Alternatively, you can choose a new tone to complement the colour of your skin.

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