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Splash your way to a stronger body. By applying the movements of yoga in water you will get to shape up your body whilst enjoying a fun new class with fellow yoga enthusiasts. Aqua yoga is a calm and soothing experience and is ideal for anyone wanting to enjoy a twist on traditional yoga classes.

How does it work?

The combination of dynamic flowing movements and traditional yoga poses with the assistance of water helps to lengthen and strengthen muscles, while also improving balance and coordination. After a session of Aqua Yoga you will not feel fatigued and lethargic but both energised and relaxed at the same time... what more can you ask for?

This low impact exercise is made even safer with the help of the water which will cushion any movements and support the body. Aqua yoga is anti-gravity, as the water will provide resistance to the exercise making your muscles work harder while also allowing your joints to be supported.

An aqua yoga class may begin with a warm-up in a standing pose, like the mountain pose, followed by leg circles. The class might then move to the shallow end of the pool to practice lunging and balancing poses, followed by core exercises to get those tummies tight and toned. The class usually finishes with a relaxing round up so that you come away feeling fitter and ready for action.

Is it for me?

The gentle nature of aqua yoga makes it suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels. Ideal for those who cannot enjoy the benefits of yoga due to past injuries or discomforts with some poses, aqua yoga widens the spectrum of stretches and may even improve chronic conditions such as arthritis. Aqua yoga also has the added benefit of easing birth for pregnant women by keeping muscles fit and strong during pregnancy.

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