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Angel Delight. Everyone needs a guardian angel, right? If you're not in regular communication with yours, perhaps you need a little angel therapy. This non-denominational method of spiritual healing is based on the belief that communicating with angels is the key to healing.

Want to get in touch with your guardian angel? Don't just wing it - let an angel therapist guide you and you'll no longer find yourself getting in a flap.

How does it work?

Angel therapists believe they facilitate healing by helping their clients to get in touch with their guardian angels and archangels. The idea is that once you're in contact with your celestial guardians they'll provide spiritual aid and guide you in the right direction. We reckon that's pretty helpful of them...

During a session of angel therapy you may be encouraged to [[treatment/meditation/| meditate]], to set up your own angel altar, to use crystals and [[treatment/aromatherapy/| essential oils]] and to focus on your body's chakras. You'll also learn about the various angels and how to call on them in times of need (after all, as guardians, that's what they're there for).

Is it for me?

If you aren't afraid to keep an open mind and are looking for some spiritual guidance, getting in touch with your angels may be just what you need. Tend to be fairly sceptical and don't believe in the supernatural? This treatment probably isn't for you.

Good to know

Angel therapists believe that there are seven archangels, each of whom represents a different positive energy. These angels are: Michael, Raphael, Chamuel, Gabriel, Jophiel, Uriel and Zadkiel.

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