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Amats-who? If you've never heard of Amatsu, it's because it has only recently travelled to the western world. It is a holistic Japanese treatment that aims to heal physical and emotional trauma by addressing five key elements of your wellbeing: physical body, nutrition, energy, emotions and surrounding environment.

How does it work?

Expect the fine-tooth comb treatment. Your therapist will study your body's current condition, using motion tests and touch investigation to shed light on the workings of your organs and your energy system. A few questions about your current emotional state may help your therapist to pinpoint any crucial imbalances.

Keeping all five elements in balance may seem like spinning plates, but an Amatsu practitioner will approach your imbalances from a number of different angles. Alongside massage and joint manipulation, there are a number of specialist techniques such cranial balancing, needling and hypnotherapy - all of which could be used to encourage a stable and healthy balance of the energies within you.

Coaxing your wayward systems into order is likely to involve a course of 4-6 weekly treatments.

Is it for me?

Amatsu therapists list an impressive array of benefits, ranging from whiplash recovery to easing heartburn. If you've had an accident or need rehabilitation of some kind, it's said to be particularly good for musculo-skeletal problems, topical pain management and aiding mobility.

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