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Ears of steel. Acustaple is a unique therapy new to the UK; it is a combination of auricular therapy, [[treatment/acupressure/| acupressure]] and [[treatment/acupuncture/| acupuncture]]. Rather than having scary needles pin-cushioned on your body, a tiny staple is placed on a pressure point in both of your ears. The staple placed on the pressure points help to target stress and curb those pesky cravings for that crafty cigarette or cheeky chocolate bar.

How does it work?

Your therapist will apply a tiny surgical stainless steel staple to your acupoints in the middle cartilage of your ear. The staple provides a continuous pressure to specific points in the ear. It sends a signal to your brain telling it your stomach is full or can cause a strong distaste for tobacco, depending on what point the staple is placed on.

There are over 700 different auricular points of the ear. Depending on what your problem is, whether you suffer from migraines, IBS or you just want to lose a few pounds, your therapist will place the staple on the specific pressure point to help combat your troubles. You can leave the staple in your ears from 6 weeks to 3 months - it varies from one person to the other. Your body will get used to the stimulus on the point after a certain amount of time.

Does it hurt?

Acustaple is similar to having your ears pierced- you’ll feel a slight prick then may experience a slight burning or stinging sensation, but it subsides very quickly. It only takes a second to staple the ear, so it’s great news for those who are queasy or have a low pain threshold.

Is it for me?

When targeting [[treatment/weight-loss-treatments/| weight loss]], you may lose inches at first, then pounds. You may sleep better than before, be less tense but not lose weight immediately. This is because the placement of the staples are targeting what your body actually requires first.

If you are a believer in natural alternative medicine and want to beat the bloat, chill out a bit more or curb your cravings rather than looking for that quick fix smoking patch or crash dieting, then this treatment maybe for you.

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