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Ever fancied tripping the wire fantastic? Then you should! Acrobatics is based on the performance of amazing feats of balance, agility, and bodily co-ordination and is a great way to tone and build strength.

How does it Work?

Acrobatics is an extraordinary performance art-form that dates back many thousands of years, existing in one shape or another throughout most cultures right back to the ancient Greeks. Although usually associated with circus performance, acrobatics forms the foundation of many performing arts as well as sports due to its emphasis on poise and control. General acrobatic activities include floor tumbling, trampette, acrobalance & handstands. More advanced skills include gymnastics, trampoline, parkour, tricking, street running, martial arts and trapeze/aerial acrobatics.

Is it for Me?

These days you don’t need to be born into the circus to learn the tricks of the trade: there are numerous centres all over the world ready and willing to teach you. Acrobatics classes are great for those who already have a good level of general fitness but want to work on building solid core strength. Most classes will introduce you to the very basics (like stretching and floor tumbling) leaving you the freedom to build on your newfound skills as you choose. Acrobatics is a great way to get super fit and toned however, if you haven’t stretched more than your big toe since primary school, this probably isn’t for you just yet.

Good to Know

Throughout history, acrobatics has often served as a subject for fine art. Examples range from vase paintings of ancient Minoan acrobats (around 2000BC) to Renoir’s famous painting, ‘Acrobats at the Cirque Fernando (Francisca and Angelina Wartenberg)’ of two German acrobatic sisters.

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