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Why jade rollers are still on our radar (and in our makeup bag)

24/10/2018 / Editor's picks

The jade roller has been on our radar for a while (and on the skincare scene for centuries in Chinese herbal medicine), so it’s time we explored the intrigue. We know Meghan Markle is a fan of facial massage, and we know our lymphatic system needs a little extra attention sometimes, but I’ve got a number of questions: what is it? Is it worth the cost? Will I look 14 years old after using it? I’ll settle for 2/5 answers on that.

By Rachel Spedding

Image credits: Shutterstock, @glowy_maquillaje, @ijada_mineralogie, @mariamwhite1, @palomija, @sarahmccannmakeup, @zovebeauty