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3 sessions of laser lipo- Lumislim

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What is Laser Lipolysis?

Laser Lipolysis works on both men and women.

It is a revolutionary technology for spot fat reduction, the reduction of cellulite and skin tightening. The fat-melting laser diodes used in our Lumislim Pro device is a safe, painless, non-invasive and fast treatment for inch loss and body shaping.

How can Laser Lipolysis help me?

Laser lipolysis is ideal for removing the fat around small, local areas of your body that just won't respond to exercise. This treatment is equally suitable for both men and women.

Laser lipolysis can get rid of the fat which makes up your love handles, man boobs ("moobs"), your tummy bulge, the back of your arms ("bingo wings") and saddlebags. These areas can be treated quite significantly with just a few sessions. This is known as "body sculpting"

Can Laser Lipolysis help my "orange peel" skin?

I often get asked by women if it can help with orange peel skin and the good news is yes it can. Laser lipolysis treatments help with skin tightening and the cellulite reduction (the appearance of orange peel-like skin.)

Laser Lipolysis is ideal if any of the following applies to you:

I want to reduce fat on a part of my body that just won't respond to exercise
I need a kick-start to a new lifestyle
I have had children and need to lose excess fat
I am not happy with certain areas of my body
I want to start achieving my inch-loss goals
I want to reduce my waist size
I want to improve my appearence for my holiday
I want to reduce my size for my wedding
I have been dieting and find it hard to shift the last bit of fat
I don't like having man breasts or moobs

What are the advantages of Laser Lipolysis over similar treatments?

It is completely painless
You get quick, immediate visible results
It is completely safe
There is no down time
There are no starvation diets
You get a long-lasting, natural result

Which areas of my body can Laser Lipolysis be used on?

Laser Lipolysis can result in inch-loss on:

Male chest (Man Boobs or "moobs")
Upper and Lower Abdomen
Facial cheeks
Double chins
Inner and Outer Thighs
Love Handles
Upper and lower back
Arms (under your biceps)
Baby bulge and

Laser Lipolysis can improve your abs; it's a very popular treatment area. It's not so much weight lost, but inches lost. While the waist and hip size goes down, so does your trouser or dress size.

So what is Laser Lipolysis?

Laser Lipolysis is a safe form of laser liposuction that can really change your body, almost instantly.

It uses a mild low laser (or cold laser) treatment to reduce your body's fat. It's not cosmetic surgery. It's non-invasive: there are no needles or injections. It's painless and you don't need to take any time off work afterwards. It gives you the results of liposuction without the surgery.

Hang on a moment, what is lipolysis anyway?

Lipolysis is a natural process which goes on all day in your body to remove the fat stored in your cells. Lipolysis balances the levels of fat, salt etc. Laser lipolysis just speeds up that process and gets your body to remove fat where you want it removed.

So by having laser lipolysis you are not asking your body to do anything that it wouldn't do naturally.

What should I do before a Laser Lipolysis treatment?

Please make sure that you have had a shower within the last 4 hours. Make sure that you do not put on any cream or perfumed products during the previous 24 hours.

If you are diabetic:

Please bring along the last 24 hours worth of blood sugar readings which have been taken at 4-6 hourly intervals. I will also need your blood sugar level taken just before a treatment and another 20 minutes afterwards. You must also be well hydrated and bring along your emergency hypo kit.

What happens during a treatment?

I will ask you to fill in a questionnaire about your health and which areas of your body that you would like to be treated.

I will then ask you to lie down on my massage table while I attach the "paddles" of the Lumislim Pro machine to the relevant areas, plus others near your lymph nodes. Then you sit back and relax while the machine gets to work:

How long does a treatment take?

Please allow an hour for each session. Lumislim Pro treatments take between 20 and 40 minutes. You will then need about 10 minutes on my Vibration Plate.

Cancellation policy
Must be 18 or older with valid ID. Consultation required on the day along with medical questionnaire. Treatment subject to consultation. Not suitable for expectant mothers.
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