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IPL on One of the Following Areas: Full Legs, Torso, Full Back, Full Face, Neck - Six Sessions

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You will enjoy:

  • Six IPL sessions on one of the following areas:
    • Full legs or
    • Torso or
    • Full back or
    • Full face or
    • Neck

This is simply the best way to remove unwanted body hair — it's fast, it's gentle, it's suitable for both face and body, it's painless and it's permanent. No other hair removal method can come close to ticking all those boxes. Furthermore, it will work regardless of your skin colour or hair type — a universal treatment for both women and men who want to get rid of unwanted hair.

IPL hair removal — where can it be used?

You can turn to laser hair removal treatment to deal with unwanted hair in the following areas:

· on the face — upper lip, chin, neck, cheeks, male beard, full face and ears

· on the torso — back of the neck, shoulders, under arms, upper arm and forearm, hands, fingers, chest, around the areola, upper and lower back, abdomen

· lower body — bikini line, Brazilian, buttocks, upper leg, lower leg, feet and toes

How IPL hair removal compares with other methods

Permanent hair removal has always been the holy grail of depilation. Shaving may be quick and convenient but the hairs will be growing back a day later and it can often cause an unsightly rash, particularly on very delicate skin.

Instead of cutting the hair across the shaft, waxing at least pulls out the whole shaft. However, regrowth begins after a few days and as most people find waxing too messy to do at home, it requires frequent visits to the salon.

Intense pulse light (IPL) laser is used in many beauty salons.

IPL hair removal – what you need to know

Hair removal by laser is a suitable treatment for both men and women — and although it has been traditionally more popular with women, more and more men of today are becoming interested. Male clients are looking for the removal of excess hair to make it easier to achieve a well groomed look without having to constantly wax or shave. It particularly appeals to people who suffer with ingrown hairs and razor bumps — this is one area in which people find the treatment particularly helpful. This is a safe and effective treatment that is also painless.

As with any type of permanent hair removal treatment, several sessions are generally needed for a permanent result. Hair follicles are active in cycles and not all are growing at the same time — hence the need for several sessions to thoroughly eliminate hair from a particular area. In most cases six sessions should be adequate, once every four weeks for facial hair and once every eight weeks for body hair.

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