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Monroes's Smile Lovelite Teeth Whitening

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LoveLite is one of the UK's most innovative cosmetic whitening treatments. This treatment is non-peroxide, so it does not harm your teeth, gums or enamel, neither does it cause sensitivity in 99% of customers. It is very effective and can take your teeth up to 12 shades whiter in one hour. Lovelite has a few celebrity fans and growing increase of customers who are also now aware of the enamel damage bleaching does and the sensitivity it leads too. We were trained in the Harley Street clinic in London, and we perform the same treatment as they do, but without the price tag. We charge a more realistic, affordable price and save you the journey as we can do the treatment in the comfort of your own home, any day and time you prefer.

You will enjoy:

  • Safe + Gentle Non-Peroxide Teeth Whitening (approx. 60 minutes) in the comfort of your own home.
Cancellation policy
Must be over 16 years old. For health reasons we can not treat anyone with a Pacemaker, Epilepsy, Rheumatic fever, Asthma caused by chemicals and sprays, Extreme Gum dieses, Pregnant/Breast feeding due to lack of clinical Trials, and anybody with Teeth in Bad Condition, severely discoloured teeth, under going or just undergone dental work, crowns, fillings etc. Other Conditions that affect the results of Teeth whitening are: Tetracycline medication, Type 1 Diabetes Medication and Liver conditions medications can cause Yellowing of Teeth and may affect the overall results of the teeth whitening procedure and the teeth will never go really white and may also not last as long, and will probably require extra Treatments or booster sessions, so it is totally up to the person if they want to take the risk. Also anybody on Beta-blockers must get a doctors note and anybody with mild gum disease must provide a dentist note Calcium Patches, if you have them, will appear brighter after treatment but will calm back to normal within 30 minutes and onwards. All false Teeth, crowns, veneers etc. can only go to there original colour, so there is the risk of the natural teeth looking slightly whiter , this should only be considered thinking about if your false teeth are at the front, most of the time there is no problems, but we must state this as a risk to consider.
Good to know
There are discounts for 2 or more people at the same booking.
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