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Cosmetic Acupuncture + Herbal Facial

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Effective anti ageing and skin rejuvenation package to firm sagging skin, minimize wrinkles, blemishes and dark areas and encourage new skin formation.

Treatment involves:
1. A consultation with our Chinese cosmetologist.
2. A prescription herbal mask tailored to your skin.
3. Cosmetic acupuncture (treating skin elasticity, collagen production, sub dermal blood circulation as well as patient specific conditions). For those afraid of needles there is an electro-acupuncture alternative available.
4. Facial treatment and massage (cleansing, toning and moisturising) using chinalife herbal products.
5. One prescription of herbal skin tonics for 10 days.

Facial acupuncture has grown immensely in popularity as a way of anti-ageing, skin rejuvenation and dealing with any specific skin conditions. It works by invigorating Qi and blood flow to the skin as well as treating internal conditions (such as excess heat or blood stasis) which may be leading to aggravated or dull looking skin. Cosmetic acupuncture will:

1. Improve blood circulation and nourishment to the skin.
2. Improve hydration of skin, making the face look refreshed.
3. Increase cellular regeneration & collagen formation for a renewed complexion and skin elasticity.
4. Rejuvenates skin tone, restoring a lustrous glow to the face
5. Reduce crows feet, minimize fine lines, erase expression lines.
6. Firm and uplift sagging skin.
7. Clear dark circles around the eyes, puffiness and other signs of tiredness.

The cosmetic acupuncture is applied by a specialist in Chinese cosmetology who will also give a brief Chinese Medical diagnosis in order to uncover and treat internal or lifestyle related conditions which may affect the skin.

It is important to note that this is a natural treatment that leaves no marks and that the needles used are ultra fine to minimize any discomfort.

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Good to know
FAQ's 1. How soon will I see results? You will probably see some results after your first treatment (especially the following day), however you really need about 3 sessions (over around 5-6 weeks) before you will notice the actual effects. 2. Does it hurt? The discomfort of acupuncture needles is very dependent on the patient with most people experiencing very little pain, but it is at worst a mild and brief pricking sensation followed by a tingling feeling as the qi is stimulated. 3. Is it only for anti-ageing? No, although it is very popular as a natural anti-ageing solution, it is used for rejuvenating all types of skin and treating mild skin conditions (if the condition is acute then you may be referred to a Chinese herbal specialist for a prescription).
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