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Hair Extensions

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TOne of the most simple methods of adding and removing hair extensions is with the use of micro-rings. These small and lightweight metals rings are coloured to match your own hair colour then used to attach your extensions to your natural hair. This is a cold method and uses no glues or heat of any sort. Micro Ring extensions will last between three and four months before removal, reinstallation or tightening is required.


For even more comfort, try our Mini Micro Ringlets which are manufactured for Absolutely Hairmazing Hair Extensions. They are the latest improvement on increasing popular Micro Rings. Mini Micro Ringlets are 30% smaller and have been manufactured personally for Absolutely Hairmazing. You can use Micro Ringlets for areas that normal Micro Rings couldn't be applied to in the hair and for great lengths in the client's fringe and other areas they would not be able to do with conventional size micro rings used in other salons.

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Cold Fusion Technology is different, 30 years in development. It uses 'cold' ultrasonic pulses to bond keratin tips around your hair. Very similar to fusion bonding, but just without the heat. It's a ultrasonic pulse which is replaced.


Fusion bonded hair extensions are pieces of hair that have a bonding agent pre-applied at one tip. The strands are then attached to your hair using a bonding resin. This is Keratin based, which is a natural protein that won't break the hair from the roots. Keratin is known for a excellent conditioner to your hair. These are applied by melting the keratin around your hair and forming a small bond no larger than a grain of rice. These are extremely undetectable and non damageable to your hair. This method should last 3-4 months depending on hair growth.


Russian Hair is the rarest and luxuriate type of hair available on the market. Russian hair is the ultimate in luxury hair. It is more expensive than other types of hair but why not go for the best and give yourself that ultra glam look. Never chemically enhanced and grown in the cold, rural region of Siberian where their diet leaves them with perfect hair. You won't want to use any other hair once you have tried it. This type of hair is most suited to those with fine hair, is flexible, elastic and can last as long as 1 and a half years if cared for correctly.

Virgin Russian hair only comes in dark blonde and light brown colours, but we do also offer pre-coloured Russian hair which has been gently dyed from its virgin state.


Beautiful, soft hair which we source from Middle European countries. It is great for girls with fine hair. Comes naturally dark or light with a natural body structure. Picks up a gentle wave and volume, common to European people once washed. Lasts up to a year if cared for correctly. In the collection of European hair, the cuticle is retained to reduce the possibility of matting and tangling. European virgin hair can be re-used saving you money the second time round. This hair will last over 8 months. European hair comes in many colours and has been gently dyed from it's virgin state.


On a daily basis, tens of thousands of Hindu women sacrifice their hair at a Temple, following ancient traditions. This is an act of gratitude, for example after a wish has been fulfilled. The hair is then collected for hair extensions since they became popular in the West and sold on to the highest wholesaler bidder. Half of the money is then used to expand or renovate the temple and local community, such as orphanages, schools and clinics.

Indian Hair is straight, silky, naturally dark and of the finest quality. Indian Temple hair is suited to Asian women as women with medium thickness to very thick hair. The virgin Indian hair only comes in natural dark colours. If Grade AAA Remy it was previous virgin hair but then it has been colour processed to the desired colour very carefully. Last up to 6 months if cared for correctly. Indian Temple and Remy hair both retain the cuticle and are specially processed to ensure all the cuticles are in the same direction from root to tip.


This service makes us different to many other Salons and mobile technicians who buy inexpensive hair that is already pre-tipped and is only one colour. With the pre tipped being one colour can leave your hair looking very streaky after the extensions have been applied, leaving it stringy and unnatural. Colour matching is VERY important to achieve a natural look if a client has multi-toned highlighted hair. To achieve the perfect colour we take different hair colours with our finest pony tails of the different hair types we manufacture and blend them by hand, and use our in-house hair tipping service, which leaves you with Absolutely Hairmazing.

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