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10 Vibro-Gym Professional Sessions

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The VibroGym Professional®, formerly known as Power Plate, is based on the principle of whole body vibration and introduces a new, highly effective training method:

VibroGym Beauty Concept is a training concept developed for people with specific training goals; weight loss, body shaping, anti cellulite, skin recondition and detoxify.
These goals can be the reduction of body fat, effective treatment of cellulite or tightening the skin and subcutaneous tissue. Improvement of general health is also a training goal which falls under this innovative training concept.

Following this schedule for three times a week, massage the cream into the skin and using the special VG Bodywear will bring your body back in balance.
The unique combination of specific vibration training, thermal and ionisation Bodywear and exclusive cream, which ingredients are completely balanced, only contains natural ingredients of a very high quality. This makes this concept unique.
But even more important, very effective. This training program has a progressive intensity and developed to train specific muscle groups and target areas.

The different frequencies, amplitudes and workout times make sure this will be a intensive work-out but most of all an effective work-out.

The VibroGym Bodywear is made out of material that has an ionisation effect on the body. In the World of sports this product is used to keep the temperature of the body cool during warm weather and to warm the body up during cold weather.
Especially in outdoor sports like; rugby, football, skiing , mountain climbing, hockey, track and field and water sports this product is used to maintain the optimal body temperature and to stimulate a fast removal of lactic acid.
Many top athletes and teams are using this product during training and competition.

The VibroGym Shaping Cream and Firming gel are two different product especially developed in France for VibroGym International. The active ingredients are a diversity of products coming directly from the sea.
The region in Bretagne (France) is were these products are coming from, this area is well known for his exceptional high quality seaweed products, many beauty concerns get there products from this specific area in the west of France.
This seaweed is used in our products to meet the high standards of the modern beauty industry.

In short, an effective training concept that will fight against weight loss, cellulite problems and skin aging.

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Some people complain of headaches after training. If this is the case, providing you have been training correctly, then your headaches will be caused by lack of fluid intake before training. Almost 70% of the population is suffering from dehydration and as our bodies consist of over 50% water, fluid balance is vital. Vibration training causes activation of the lymphatic system, which results in a loss of body fluids so we advise to drink about 500 ml of a glucose drink, half an hour before training.

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