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Alvez of London Hair Parlour

Verified (?) Visited Jun 2014

Carlos London are one of the few salons who offer Loreal Xtenso and having travelled back to my home town of Worcester regularly for the past few years to get this treatment, I thought it was about time I tried to find a salon nearer to home.
I left 3.5 hours later upset and underwhelmed. The appointment should only have taken an hour.
I am a big believer in trusting the experts but after my experience at this salon, I wont be so quick to trust a hairdressers knowledge and advice.

In summary: they were overbooked, staff were unhappy and stressed, horrible ambience, Dom incorrectly applied my treatment and took 2.5 hours more time than it should to do so, he gave me incorrect advice about my hair being medically concerning, and finally styled it very badly before leaving me to be dealt with by another stylist when I was clearly upset at the final product.

More details below…

Ambience : They were clearly over booked and ran off their feet. There was awful tension between some of the stylists and it was very clear that one of them, Dean, didn't want to be there at all. I wasn’t offered a drink for around 25 mins and generally felt like I was in the way. I exchanged nervous looks with another customer as tensions ran high when a lady arrived who didn’t appear on the booking system

The Treatment : I specifically requested my roots to be relaxed as I figured the rest of my hair, after years of the treatment, was too weak to be touched by Xtenso. Dom went ahead and put it all over my head before washing it off soon after as he was scared my hair would break off. He forgot to put the neutralizer on it and consequentially blow dried and straightened my hair before putting it on and then washing, blow drying and straightening all over again. The techniques he used to blow dry and straighten my hair left it standing at a right angle. I was frustrated and fed up after 3.5hrs and concerned that my hair was set to look ridiculous (we all know how important a hairstyle is!) so I asked if I could try to sort it out. He then gestured to the beauty products and told me to use whatever I wanted before going off to see to another customer. Feeling abandoned and worried that was my hair was set to look ridiculous, I did get rather upset. Another stylist then attempted to sort my hair out which meant I was there for even longer,.

Staff: I feel Dom really tried his best with my hair but was just too busy to give me a proper consultation/assessment (which consisted of spending 5 seconds assessing my hair before my initial shampoo) and more confident about his knowledge of the treatement/hair than he should be. This meant he put the treatment all over my hair when I had specifically requested just for my roots to be done. He also forgot the neutralizer, a very important part of the treatment. In an attempt to give me some advice, he told me to go to a dr as my hair was coated with some sort of protein (something no other hairdresser at my usual hair salon as ever said) and damaged. Rather than helpful, this news just worried me and has since been proven to be untrue by my local GP
Dean was clearly not happy to be working and left customers standing while he kept popping to the shop next door for snacks. There was a bearded gent from Syria who was absolutely lovely and had it not been for him and his attempt to sort my hair out at the end of my time there, I would have demanded a refund.

Over all, I would recommend anyone booking in for Loreal Xtenso at this salon either reconsiders or at least insists on a proper consultation, books in during the week when I presume they are less busy, and ensures the treatment is applied correctly.

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