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Mimi's Hair & Beauty Laser

I went to have my hair permanently straightened. A process I have been through many times. But in my short-sightedness of saving a few pounds I decided to go to this salon.

My hair was washed and blow dried but she did NOT straighten it.
I told her that usually they straighten the haor at this stage, but she said not at this stage.

She applied cream (I believe Wella) to my entire head of hair and then her face dropped and she immediately washed it out. (usually when I have had straightening treatment it is left in for a while)

Then she quickly washed my hair, rough dried it and then straightened it. As she straightened it with ions, my hair was steaming and she said it was just water (I was under impression one should only straighten dry hair)

Then she applied the SAME cream again and then once again rushed me to the sink to have it washed out straight away.

The hair was then blow dried and it was absolute frizz as if she'd bleached my entire head of hair. It was crunchy to the touch, I was horrified!!! It was sticking out and frizzy as if I'd put my finger into an electric socket!

She looked completely shocked herself and said this had never happened before.

Then she applied the neutraliser and said it might help.
She left it in for a few minutes and she touched my hair and said congratulations it is better.

I couldn't understand how the process of destroying my hair could ever be rectified with a neutraliser, but I remained positive (what else could I do?)
I didn't feel that anything could 'fix' what she had done.

Then she washed it out and blow dried my hair once again.

It was so bad that she applied a deep conditioning treatment and left it on for 5 mins.

I was full of regret at this stage, I was in shock. I had a bad feeling when I booked the appointment and I should have followed my gut.

She said I could go in for a deep conditioning treatment once a week for a month, for free. (keep in mind it took me over an hour to get there and just as long to get home and cost me a fair bit in travel too)

She gave me a hair treatment that she thought might help, but then asked for £15 for it.
The next day I went to Sally to ask their advice and saw the same product for less than £3.00.

She also recommended a shampoo and conditioner to repair the hair, when I looked at the ingredients I saw that it contained sulfate. Previously I have been told That I shouldn't use any products with sulfate after having my hair permanently straightened.

I asked when I could wash my hair and she said any time. There was no mention of the 48-72 hour rule to not wash hair, get it wet, clip it back or tuck behind the ears etc.

When I told her that the Japanese yuko straightening was good for hair and repairs it she said that it wasn't true. But that is the best by far if you want to have your hair permanently straightened. (though it is a bit flat to start, but I don't mind that)

I had read that Yuko was used for coarse hair and that the straight hair came after as a (positive) side effect

I was devastated to have my hair ruined two days before a friends wedding and to spend a fortune on products not to mention her 500% profit on the hair mask she sold me.

Please think carefully about where you have your hair treated. I have been sleeping with various oils and masks in my hair and keep it in most days when I can and now my hair is a little softer.
My black hair has been stripped of it's natural colour to a brown that I don't like.

I am going to have my hair cut short next week as it is so unmanageable. My hair takes forever to grow. I hope someone will find this useful and save them going through the horrible process that I have been through.

Today I read about this too:

Q: Why are the old type of relaxers so

A: Most relaxers contain corrosive ingredients such as Sodium
Hydroxide, Potassium Hydroxide, Lithium Hydroxide, Calcium
Hydroxide etc. These ingredients corrode the hair to the point
where it is able to be changed to a straight look. These products
leave the hair feeling like straw and the curl comes back after an
often short period of time. (

I guess that is what happened to me :(

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