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Hi I am Julia Rhodes of West London Colonics, principal hydrotherapist.
My perspective is informed by the adage: ’Out of sight, Out of mind?’
Let me explain.
The Ugly truth about Beauty is: External beauty follows Internal beauty...all the skin cleansing and topical creams in the world won’t create healthy skin and bright eyes if the insides aren’t clean and healthy.
The obvious way to keep ones insides healthy is through a healthy diet. ... Eat mostly vegetables, grains, seeds and nuts … and I would add…. embrace Colon Hydrotherapy.

There are a lot of discussions about the effectiveness of colon hydrotherapy and if the body really ‘needs’ outside help with cleansing the colon.
As you would expect, the western medical community says, “Absolutely not. It’s hogwash and possibly dangerous.” ( By the way, very little well informed “proof “ is offered for the last assertion.
The Wellness community says, “It’s something that should be done about once a month to keep the body cleansed.” My take? Mine is a holistic model. All my experience is that once/ month is a pretty basic maintenance regime for many (perhaps most) people in these toxic times.

Here's the 195os beauty queen, Mae West, talking about self generated skin beauty via colonics.

Quotable quote “If I had known I was going to live this long, I would have taken better care of myself.” 
 ― Mae West

Actually, Mae West (who incidentally lived to be an active, vital 87 years old) did take care of herself a lot better than most people do. In her always lively encounters with the press, she didn't need much persuading to show off her baby soft skin, and demonstrate that there were no tell tale scars from cosmetic surgery. She said she didn’t need it. 
Her secret? She finally revealed that it was her focus with a clean colon. She believed internal beauty came before external beauty. She had a colonic weekly for many, many years. That's 52 colonics a year. 
When skeptics objected that medical experts frowned on such a schedule, Mae smiled knowingly and quipped: "Well they would, wouldn’t they? If you never get sick, how are they gonna earn any money?”

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