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KB Beauty and Holistics

Verified (?) Visited Sep 2013

It is so disappointing to have to give a bad review for a place I have previously been happy with and for that review to be based purely on poor customer service but here it goes in the hope that the establishment can learn something from this and that future clients can be aware.

I had an LVL Lash Lift here last Saturday.

I know the place well and have been here several times before. There is plenty of free parking around available and it is easy to find.

The beautician Kelly was lovely and friendly and explained the treatment step by step to me as she was doing it.

I asked for the biggest lift as my eyelashes are dead straight, but during the tinting part of the treatment, some tint fell into my eyes and as a result of the pain I felt I blinked strongly, as this is a natural reflex to remove irritants from the eye.

As a result the lift was not even, my right eye had a better lift even though not as dramatic as I had hoped for. My left eye, had a slight lift, not as good as the right and definitely not what I wanted. Who wants uneven eyes, anyways?

I had arranged with Kelly a follow up appointment in January to redo just the lift part of the treatment and was waiting for that before I wrote a full review BUT when I visited the clinic today for another treatment I was paying full price for (peel), I was told by both the manager Diana and Kelly that the appointment in January would have to be charged half price and not given for free as it is the norm, when the treatment does not go to plan and the customer is unhappy.

This all happened at the end of my peel, whilst I was still lying down face still red from the treatment feeling rather vulnerable without my make up on.

When I said that I thought it would be for free, as it was an appointment booked to correct what I was not happy with and had gone wrong, I was told by both Kelly and Diana that the materials they use for the LVL lift are very expensive (this was mentioned several times) and that at least a nominal fee had to be paid for Kelly's time.

This is such an example of poor customer service. Imagine you have a perm at a salon and the perm does not take evenly and then the salon tells you, yes we have booked you in for a follow up treatment to rectify this, but you know our materials are expensive and so is our time! I mean surely this has nothing to do with the customer? Surely this is what customer service is all about. And of course this is a perfect example of a place that doesn't have good customer service.

Note: I am a regular client that visits often, has bought products and has referred a new client too and this is how I was treated. I was almost in tears on my way home, as I am a new mum on maternity leave and I don't have spare money and every visit here is a real luxury and treat for me and this has certainly left a bitter taste in my mouth.

To top this, Kelly said that I did have a lift with the treatment and yes I did but not what I had asked for and certainly not an even one in both eyes, which makes them not look symmetrical and was a complete waste of my money at a time when I don't have much.

Also she said I did get you to sit upright when you started tearing up to drain the tears away, but you blinked. As if this was my fault. When tint gets in contact with your eyes it is a very sharp pain that makes them sting and water and I could not help blinking. I would not be human if I didn't! This made me feel as if I had to apologise for my reflexes.

All in all as someone that does have a great knowledge of beauty treatments and has been a loyal customer I feel that the way I was treated today was completely out of order. I had no problem with the treatment even though at some point I experienced discomfort and pain, because I was originally made to feel that this was going to be rectified. Clearly they think differently and not care that I am not happy with the results and expect me to pay for a follow up treatment.

Therefore based on this I take back everything good I have previously said about the place. I was made to feel like a complete idiot, laying there in a treatment bed with a red face from a peel, being told all these things when I have just brought them in a new client and have raved about them both at this forum and to everyone I know.

So a word of advice would be to avoid as customer service is really poor. So very petty and as a result made a very loyal customer feel very disappointed and hurt.

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