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Clear Light Clinic

Visited Mar 2013

I work in a physically demanding job and thought I would treat myself to a massage. After seeing a special offer here I thought I'd book the 1hour holistic massage for myself as a treat. I very rarely get to do this so was looking forward to it.

Unfortunately I did get lost and was 10 minutes late for my appointment, so firstly, am grateful that I was seen and didn't completely lose out of my appointment, but unfortunately I think I'd have had more benefit staying in bed for a lie in. Upon entering the premises, the hair salon was empty and staffed by fairly friendly people who told me to go downstairs to the clinic.

Clearlight clinic appears to not have been placed in the best premises for relaxation. There is a narrow corridor and what appears to be 2 treatment rooms and 1 toilet area. It's not a great conversion to be honest.

After 5 minutes of waiting downstairs on my own, an irritated therapist came out of another room (staff room I presume) and I apologised for my lateness and asked if it was still possible for me to have the treatment. She took a dismissive look and said it was do-able.

She showed me to the room and said she'd give me 5 minutes to get ready - I'd like to add the room wasn't set up for a treatment here at all. No couch roll, no towels, was cold. The only hint that a treatment could be about to happen was the background music. The bed was pushed to the side wall of the narrow room. I quickly went to the toilet and during my return the therapist was in there putting the towel on the bed and then went back out for me to get ready.

I pulled the bed a bit away from the wall because I thought she'd need to be able to move around it but didn't want to get in trouble for it so I only pulled it out a bit.

The temperature was cold, and upon re-entering the therapist - who's name I don't know because she didn't introduce herself, NOR did she ask me my name or give an opportunity for me to ask her name - asked if I was cold so I said yes. She said she'd put the heater on so it should be ok in a bit. It wasn't.

No consultation was had - I have never been to this place before and have problems with my joints so usually give this information.

The treatment started and unfortunately, because it was cold and the connection I'd made with the therapist obviously wasn't a great one, I couldn't relax properly. I kept my eyes shut and tried hard to relax.

Then the holistic massage I'd booked and pre-paid for, started, except it honestly seemed like only effleurage movements, and very disjointed - the therapist kept stopping and leaving me at each section, (back, legs, arms) to go to the other side of the room to get more oil. The few treatments I have had elsewhere, I know you are not meant to lose contact with the client as it interrupts the flow of the massage.

Added to these interruptions, the therapist spent a long time at the spa unit getting the oil, at which point I started to wonder if she was just reading instructions on how to do the massage?!!

When it came to moving around the bed, the therapist tried squeezing around to the side nearest the wall which obviously was a narrow space, because I had pulled the bed away, but couldn't quite fit through so ended up reaching across my body from the foot of the bed. The lack of space meant the music system kept stopping because the wires were being pulled out of the socket.

Added to this fiasco, was the fact that despite the treatment room door being closed, I could still hear the goings on outside the door from other members of staff, or customers. There was no sound-proofing and it was really distracting to be able to hear lunches being microwaved and conversations whilst I was supposed to be having a relaxing treatment.

After the treatment ended she asked are you alright, but more of a statement, and then told me to take my time getting dressed and she'd see me outside. So i got changed, and went out, wondering if I was going to have a de-brief or something but nothing. So I gave my pre-payment form and left.

This was so bad it could be funny. Maybe in a few days it will be funny to me. But right now I'm just extremely disappointed and would definitely advise others not to make the same mistake I did and definitely go elsewhere.

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