Is a pedicure ticklish?

My feet are very ticklish, will a pedicure be uncomfortable to sit through?
Asked by charleymarley

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When I perform a pedicure on a client for the first time I always ask if they are ticklish, if they are it is better to apply a firmer presure when applying products and doing the massage, if you have any really ticklish area's just tell the technician and she caould avoid these bits. When I did my training, I ended up having to do my pedi on the educator, and she had extremely tickly feet, I was a nervous wreck lol, but it was actually good to get the experience, and firm pressure was the best way, and also massage that uses your full hand or palm of hand, the educator actually said that she was surprised at how much she enjoyed it!! hope that helped, and if you do go for a pedi, hope you enjoy!! ruth x
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when you have a pedicure the massgae is usually quite firm and therefore not usually ticklish like you would imagine ;)
No, it shouldn't, but you would be wise to explain to your therapist that you have sensitive feet and they will accommodate this for you.