would 5 treatments of IPL on my lip and chin be enought so they never come back or will i need more

Im thinking of ordering your Mobdeal of 5 sessions of IPL on my upper lip and chin for the special offer or £65 in stead of the usual £245. Would 5 sessions be enough for the hairs to never grow back? Or would i need further treatment. Thank you niki x
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Dear Niki,
It is quite possible that 5 session would be enough to treat your problematic areas by IPL or Laser.
Hair grows in cycles and you need to catch the right cycle to achieve destruction of the hair growth.
With regard to guarantied permanent result - human body is a living organism, which constantly undergoes biochemical changes including hormonal and enzymatic changes. Major life events such as pregnancy, stress and some medical conditions and medications may provoke certain biochemical reactions in the body to kick start new cell activity and some hair growth may return. Having said that it would not be with the same intensity, speed and density. Although it is difficult to predict the amount of sessions that you would need, it is important to be aware the hair colour and its thickness influence the outcome of photo therapy. The lighter the hair the more sessions you will need. Also not all lasers can treat light hair.
Beware of different systems in the industry as well. IPL and laser devices are differentiated into medical and salon strength groups. In salons the IPL and laser systems are less powerful, this is because there is no doctor on site and the power of laser is therefore minimal in order to avoid laser burns.
I hope this helps.


If you're worried about a salon having a less powerful IPL system, call ahead and ask what type of machine they use, then Google it or compare it to what's being used at medispas.
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It depends on your skin and hair. The more contrast there is between your hair and skin, the easier it will be for the machine to detect your active hairs, and remove them. If your chin and lip hair are quite blonde, you may need 5-6 sessions to get rid of most of the hair, but if it's darker and thicker, you may achieve the results you want in as little as 3 treatments. Additionally, the IPL may make your remaining hairs grow back much lighter, so at worst, you may be left with some barely-there fuzz. However, if you have darker skin, you MAY need 6-9 treatments. 6 usually does the trick for most people (a few of my friends had the results they wanted after as few as 2-3) so I'd wait around for a good Mobdeal and jump on that. If you don't get quite perfect results, there are a lot of Mobdeals that offer a couple of smaller AND one larger area -- so you can go ahead and get your legs or another area done, and the last bits on your lip and chin.
Hi Nikki, I am currently doing a course of IPL. I can honestly say that I saw results after only 3 sessions with a visible reduction in hair growth and when it did grow back it was finer.
Hi Nikki
One usually sees about 75 - 95% loss of hair in 5 sessions. Since there are variable factors involved such as your age, skin type, density of hair, etc Therefore, it is difficult to be absolutely sure that all hairs will be treated. But you should see a definite change as in reduction of hair and a slow regrowth of the hairs that are left. Hope that answers your query. If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Kind regards
Vidya (DepiCool Leeds)
Hi Nikki, I had IPL in two separate phases for a total of 6 sessions (body not face) and I would say it got rid of 90% of hairs. You must remember that hair grows in different stages and sometimes some hairs can stay dormant for months before appearing. Hormonal changes can also affect hair growth. Speak to your therapist who will be able to advise you. I have been very happy with my results.
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