Is Obagi Nu-derm System highly effective for clearing age spots, acne scars/ treating active acne?

I have oily/sensitive skin, been having breakouts pre and post monthly cycle since teenage years. Tried most acne treatments except Obagi.
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Hi Angela.
Obagi Nu Derm is one of the brilliant ranges in the Obagi Collection.
It is great working on pigmentation caused by overstimulated melanocytes in the deeper skin layers as it has a penetrating system allowing the products to get there. It is prescription only for the treatment products containing Retinol - to help with spots - and Hydroquinone - for pigmentation.
Clinical trials using the Obagi NewDerm system show significant results (2-3x greater benefit) from other commonly used stand alone treatments.
Along with evening pigmentation Nu Derm help to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.
It is difficult to help more without seeing your skin, understanding your skin tone and ageing factors as well as environmental factors which you may have been exposed to.
CLENZIderm is a grat treatment for acne skin - especially very young clients. Nu Derm is more suitable with Tretinoin and Vitamin C serum for more mature skin. There is another treatment range Obagi CRX which is good for youthful skin.
More informationc an be found on my website:
I work in South West London and would be more than happy to assess your skin and recomend products for you if you wish.
Good Luck
Dr Anna Hemming
Prostrata Clinic
22 Castelnau
Sw13 9RU


Thanks a lot for the info, Dr Anna Hemming. I'll have a look at your site, and would be happy to pop in to your clinic to have my skin assessed.
Angela - do get in touch if you would like me to help.
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Hi Angela,
Do try our revolutionary oily skin range.. Thea Rebalance range IT REALLY WORKS!!
Natural organic ingredients formulated for oily/sensitive skin with balancing essential oils.
The products contain ancient formulations which penerate deep into the epidermis of the skin and work on the excess oil flow which causes blocked pores and oily/spotty skin.
They do not contain any harsh chemicals to dry out your skin which makes your oil glands think your skin is dry and they then start too over flow with excess oil which cause you to have more spots.
Oily skin still need natural balancing oils to stem the flow of too much oil from your glands which produce the oil in your skin. the more natural the product the better it will be for your skin.
Thea products are all paraben free, have a high level of organic ingredients and are 100% natural and one of the most important factors they are all pH balanced. Our skin is naturally acidic 4.5-5.5, so it would be advisable to ensure that whatever skincare products you are using on your skin whether face or body make sure that it matches the pH balance of your skin, believe you me you will see the best results by using pH balanced skincare products.
Apart from this stick to a simple skincare routine cleanse using a gentle organic natural foaming face wash twice daily. It's simple you can do this almost a sleep, tone and if you don't have a a calming face toner use cold water and then moisturise with a good quality oil reducing but nourishing face cream. Then the key exfolaite 3-4 times a week to get rid of those shedding dead skin cells which stop your skin's natural rejuvenataion. I exfoliate my body every other day and my face at least 3 times a week. Use a gentle exfoliator it's not necessary to have harsh grains. I exfoliate my face when I'm in the shower or in the sauna at the gym or cleaning the house, I just leave it on and when I'm ready I massage it into my face and then wash it off.
Drink, water lots of it, hot water is good and hot water with lemon is poweful for detoxing the body and cleaning your skin, drink this each morning instead of tea or coffee, at least make it your first drink of the day.. it works a good celebrity trick!
Thea is ideal for black, Asian and White skins alike!
Go natural all the way
Hi, Angela,
Obagi Nu-Derm is indeed an out-of-the-league treatment compared to other skin treatments available at the market right now, and there is only one reason why it is so good: it replaces the old damaged skin cells and skin debris with new healthy skin cells on all three levels of your skin tissue (epidermis, dermis and sub-coteneous), while all other systems available at present can affect your skin as deep as half of your epidermis only (on a very superficial level).
Whatever is wrong inside your skin right now, Obagi Nu-Derm will reverse it into the right mode. If the reason for your bad skin cells is hormonal and it has been the case since you were a teenager, then after the course you will need to stay on a maintenance program - using the active ingredients once or twice a week, depending on your case. It fits sensitive skin as well, but you will probably be put on the least concentrated tretinoin.
And, yes, it is a prescription treatment, which can be prescribed only by a GMC registered specialist. Our patients are very impressed and happy with the results. Our manager has been on Nu-Derm herself - you can pop in or call her onto 02072835800 to have a chat - it always helps do your homework before you see the doctor! We are near Monument tube station in the city. Also, have a look at the before and after photos on our website and. Good luck!
The original Obagi skin care line is an excellent program for most skin types. However, the original skin care program is an aggressive one and should be started only at the advisement of a clinical professional or physician. There is now a newer line of skin care thru Obagi called ZO Skin care. This product line is far less aggressive and contains products specifically geared for acneic skin types, as well as other skin types. I would suggest that you seek a consultation from a professional or physician's office that is carrying this new line of products.


Thanks a lot!
hi many of these products work temporary, breakouts with sensitive skin is the hardest to manage as its difficult to know which skin condition to treat first, the oily or sensitive? as a beautician i would treat the sensitive first, so try to go for natural products rather than accelerating products as this can do more damage than good
obagi accelerates cellular turnover for skin with moderate to severe
sun damage. so it works well on damaged skin. i would say go for it if you have acne scars but with the sensitivity i would avoid it. i suffer with the same skin type as you so i know how difficult it is.
Obagi CLENZIderm M.D.TM is an Rx-strength treatment that instantly penetrates the pores and begins reducing acne below the skin’s surface.- yes this may help but from month to month it shows you have a hormonal issue
try and treat the body from the inside, such as taking a course of antibiotics to reduce the acne (oil control) if you've tried this already and it hasn't worked then it may be diet related
cleanse your body with 2 glasses of warm water with lemon juice- it helps to flush your system and detox - breaks down oils in the body, consume lots of vegetables in your diet and at least 8 glasses of water a day- all these tips work! and follow through with a foaming wash daily -day and night, and gentle exfoliate 2 times a week to remove dead skin cells, replenish the skin with a very natural moisturiser ALWAYS look at the ingredients the more natural the better for you.
no parabens, no chemicals ! so it dose not aggravate the skin
i hope this helps you


Thanks Carolina! It is indeed difficult to suffer from both sensitive and oily skin conditions. It's quite a dilemma to be honest, as I would normally opt for gentle, natural products for my sensitive skin. Yet during my breakouts, I get so frustrated that I thought the products I'm using aren't doing any good to treat my acne, hence I try aggressive acne products to see if they work, prescribed or not.